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Good pots and pans require good maintenance, and these misunderstandings will be repeated again!

There are so many types of pots and pans in the kitchen, why do you need so many types of pots? Of course, because they each have their own strengths in frying and frying. In fact, as long as you understand the material and temperament of each pot, you will find that maintaining the pot is not difficult. No matter how precious the pot is, you don't have to carefully collect it as a work of art. After all, proper use is also an important part of raising a pot. Today, the editor will talk to you about those things about raising pots.

Every weekend, seeing the rich ingredients go through a set of frying, cooking and stewing... become a delicious table, that process is simply a kind of enjoyment~ But whenever it comes to brush the pot At the time, it seemed that he was experiencing "torture", and he just wanted to swipe twice and it was over! This, is it you? !

When cleaning the pots, improper cleaning methods will greatly shorten the service life of the pots, and the use effect will not be as good as before~

stainless steel tableware

1. Rinse the pan with cold water immediately after cooking

This may cause the pot body to deform due to the sudden temperature change, or cause burns due to splashing oil. It is recommended to let the pot cool down naturally before cleaning.

2. Brush the pan with a steel ball

The steel ball is hard and rough, which will scratch the body of the pot, especially the bottom of the pot, which will affect the cooking effect of the pot in the long run.

3. Wash with bleach

Strong alkali or strong oxidizing chemicals will not only cause corrosion damage to the pot body, damage the pot body material, but also may damage the hands and affect the health of the body.

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