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How to maintain stainless steel pots?

Nowadays, pots and pans of various materials are emerging in the market. Stainless steel pots produced by Hengfa are becoming more and more popular. When cooking with these tools, the heating is particularly uniform. Therefore, many people now prefer to use Hengfa. However, in the process of daily use, you should also pay attention to maintaining the stainless steel cookware, so as to make the stainless steel cookware last longer.

Operation method:

1. Equipped with a suitable spatula

When you buy a stainless steel pan, you should equip the stainless steel pan with a suitable spatula. If you have a suitable spatula, the whole process of cooking will become very easy. It is recommended that after purchasing stainless steel pans, at the same time Then equip the stainless steel pan with a wooden spatula. If you use a wooden spatula to cook vegetables, it will not cause damage to the stainless steel pan.

2. Cleaning stainless steel cookware

After each use of stainless steel cookware, you can use common detergent at home to carefully clean the stainless steel cookware. If the stainless steel cookware has been used for a long time, make a thorough cleaning of the stainless steel cookware on a regular basis. cleaning.

stainless steel pot

3. Reasonable control of the heat

When using stainless steel pots for cooking, be sure to pay attention to the size of the fire. If the stainless steel pot you buy has good thermal conductivity, then when you are cooking, sometimes you don’t need a large fire. It can also make the cooking temperature reach a good level. If the thermal conductivity is not particularly good, the heat used can be larger.

4. Avoid burning empty pots

When you use stainless steel pots and pans, try to avoid empty pot dry burning on stainless steel pots. If the empty pot is dried for too long, the stainless steel pot may be deformed, and some parts will be damaged in severe cases.

5. Avoid strong acid and alkali things

However, when cooking food with stainless steel pots, try not to put foods with strong acid and alkali in stainless steel pots for a long time. Although we all know that stainless steel pots are resistant to strong acid and alkali, the pots If you place strong acid and alkali things in it for a long time, it will still damage the pot.

6. Handling of special circumstances

Since most stainless steel pots have excellent thermal conductivity, when using stainless steel pots, if you accidentally fry the vegetables, most of the food will stick to the stainless steel pots. For such stubborn stains, do not In a hurry, first add some water to the pot, let the water boil directly, and then clean the pot, so that it is easier to clean. If you are still stubborn, you can cook for a longer time.

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